Dallas Fine Arts District Engagement Session

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I’m a HUGE proponent of engagement sessions. If there is any one single thing that helps achieve great wedding day photos, without a doubt, it’s just that (the engagement session). The opportunity to work with a couple prior to their wedding day and get their tastes, teach them posing and show them that being in front of the camera is not the end of the world pays rich dividends down the road. Without a pre-wedding session all of these boxes need to be checked on the wedding day itself, where 27 people are pulling the bride and groom in different directions at all times and we’re running about 45 minutes behind because hair and makeup took longer than they told you.

Case in point: the calm environment that is created during an engagement session just simply does not exist on the wedding day.

All that aside, the Dallas Fine Arts District is one of the most diverse districts in DFW with it’s modern architecture, parks and clean vibe. It’s easy to see why it has a home on my recommended locations list.