This Week In Photos Vol. I

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After a brutal 5-weddings-in-9-days stretch which involved a trip to Houston and a couple of 16 hour shooting weekdays sandwiched in between the weddings, one thing became glaringly apparent: my inability to blog consistently over the past 2-3 months has made it look like I don’t work at all, when in fact the complete opposite is true. My real estate photography business, Chateau Shooters (you can see the last photo in the post for a sample of how awesome we make houses look), has blown up completely (in the best way possible). This forced me to get photographers interviewed, trained and set up shooting houses to assist with the ever-increasing demand, all the while we are right in the MIDDLE of wedding season with dozens of inquiries weekly coming in for weddings next April/May/June. It’s that time of year that makes you realize all of the hard work you put in over the past couple of years really has paid off.

It’s better off than being at square one and trying to figure out ways to book shoots, that’s for sure. With all of that being said, while I was at one of my weddings this weekend I realized that Facebook and my blog have been lacking substance recently. Whether it’s the lack of posting (this here blog) or the lack of quality posting (Facebook) I wanted a way to showcase my work on a more consistent basis. There have been some AMAZING sessions recently that I wanted to share, but didn’t have an efficient way to display them without having to go into each session and pull a dozen or so photos all the while trying to come up with something cute to say.

And here we are with a solution. Welcome to the “This Week In Photos” series, an effort to showcase the highlights of each week’s work. We will see how long I keep up with it. I have to admit my desire sleep usually supersedes my wanting to post images on the web. Without further ado here is This Week In Photos Vol. I for the week ending 6/9, where the capturing of relationships between 2 people, new life and life soon-to-be somehow manage to make their way into a single post together.