Saint Patrick’s Day Wedding & Other Musings

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This time of year routinely leads to significant reflection on my part. I’m coming up on finishing my third year in the wedding photography business and things have not appeared clearer and more robust to me than they do right now. To say I’m excited to have accomplished what I have in the past 36 months would be an undoubted understatement. This past year alone I shot some epic weddings outside of Texas, graduated from SMU with my finance degree, and moved my business into its own little office. Those are some of the more substantial events that have happened recently, but some of the smaller, less apparent events are the ones that have left the biggest impact. Namely, I’ve grown as a photographer. My style has not ceased to evolve and I’m lucky that I’ve had as many opportunities to consistently shoot as I have. Having so many couples that leave the photography up to me has truly been a blessing and one that has allowed me to see the light of my 200th wedding up ahead in the distance.

Chances are that I will dig deep into the depths of my hard drives to pull some of my favorite shoots from the past few months, some of which you may have already seen. With that I leave you with my most recent wedding from the Dallas Athletic Club. This one was full of dancing, lager and most importantly- GREEN!