Playacar Palace Wedding

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I’ll warn you now, there are a TON of images in this post. Over 125; you are welcome. Apparently I can pull more images for a blog post from a wedding in Mexico with only 28 attendants (myself included) than a wedding in Dallas with ten times the number of guests.

Needless to say, tonight’s wedding was all sorts of EPIC. Hosted at Playacar Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, this small wedding packed a huge punch. I was already ecstatic following the vows, sheerly from the wide range of fantastic shots of the ceremony. Little did I know what we had in store for the reception (and even a photo bomb in between the ceremony and reception.  Also- to see the bridals that were taken in Dallas before the wedding check them out here:

Endless liquor poured like rain from the sky, shirts conveniently removed themselves, fluttering to the ground as if they belonged there and the antics grew wilder and wilder as the night dragged on. It’s my last night in Mexico this year and I spent it culling through 2,000 images. That’s how epic it was.

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  1. We need more pics of the International DJ….lol….Great job with the snaps!!

  2. Evan these are great pics, but where are the pics of you doing the Stanky Leg? LOL

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