Of Course! It’s Because You Have A Magic Camera.

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This comes up often with both clients and guests at weddings. They’ll say they checked out my work, love it, see my gear and say that it’s because of the expensive camera I use that I am able to take such pretty photographs.

Umm, no. Fact: I use a Canon 5D Mark III as my main workhorse and a variety of Canon’s “L” series of lenses. It’s really no surprise that it takes at least $5,000 in gear to take the photos I take. Fiction: My magical camera is what creates the magical photos.

See, my camera definitely IS magical. I will give it that. It is not, however, magical because it takes magical photos. It is magical because it makes MY job easier through better exposure metering, accurate autofocus points and the creation of phenomenal RAW files that I can process with ease. Yesterday’s session was a FANTASTIC example of what I’m talking about. As I was processing the magic that happened last night I thought to myself “these are the perfect examples to show that even a fantastic camera doesn’t get exactly what you want.” Well, here we go. I selected 2 frames from the session that are straight out of camera, along with their respective finished edits. Magical camera does not equal immediately magical photos.

What else is this a fantastic example of, you ask? The shooting is the easy part. Compose, click, click, click. That’s all couples see, so it’s hard to realize that the majority of the time spent on a shoot is actually done after the session is over, processing through all of the files and making the appropriate adjustments to make them viewable for clients. Check out the difference between magic camera photos and a finished product.