McKinney Flour Mill Bridals

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Hey there, blog!

It’s “wedding season” which has lost its usual effect it has on me when I say it. After 7 years it’s one of those things where, if you haven’t figured out your industry’s seasonality by now, you might as well quit.

Fortunately for me I have (figured it out, that is). Wedding seasonality coincides with one of my retail business’ seasonality as well as fall real estate sales for my architecture photography company. One might complain of the 100-hour work weeks, but it’s literally just par for the course at this point. I’d much rather have 100+ hour work weeks than struggle to string together 20 hours of work for a week. My mantra has usually been, and will most likely continue to be: “Life could be so much worse.” Most of my clients hear the wonderful stories of my ventures during their engagement session or bridals, and some others have no clue I operate 5 companies in mostly different industries. That certainly makes tax time fun.

At one time I dreamed of being that photographer that blogs every session or couple, or at the very least posts some form of semi-consistent content to captivate an audience. I still very much enjoy being a huge part of the weddings I photograph, however I have found that I would much rather channel my energy into providing a great photography experience to my clients versus showcasing me and my work. Many of you already know that I do not plan on being a wedding photographer my whole life. I’m currently sitting at 25, with 531 photographed weddings under my belt, and I’ve realized that I personally have accomplished everything I wish to achieve with wedding photography. The great benefit of that cognition is my ability to recognize what is most important at the end of the day.

I realized recently that so much more intrinsic value is achieved through receiving emails from clients post-wedding with comments such as “Thank you so much for going above and beyond” and “I can’t thank you enough” from different clients in the same week than there is in me seeing comments, likes and shares on a few photos I post on social media. Maybe that in and of itself is a testament to the email vs handwritten letter debate. A like, share or comment is usually a fleeting task completed from a phone or tablet while bored (let’s face it). Personalized emails picking out specific things that you did to enhance someone’s experience resonate so much more than that.

Despite all of this nonsense I do have some photos to share! Behold the awesomeness that was to be had at the McKinney Flour Mill in mid-September with this bridal session that even had the groom make a guest appearance for a few shots 🙂 Congrats to Hanna & Graham!