Kelowna, British Columbia Engagement Session

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What can I say about Canada? Living overseas for the majority of my childhood it was no difficult task in recognizing the distinctly European influences that adorn this gorgeous country. From roundabouts to the different formula Nestle uses in their candy bars, Canada’s 20 degree weather (Celsius, people) offered a much-welcomed reprieve from the 100-plus degree weather of Texas. Lake Okanagan, located in the vacation town of Kelown, British Columbia, was a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains and winding roads.

I had numerous questions for the couple about Kelowna and BC in general, however I am fairly certain that my fascination with Canada was reciprocated with an equally strong Canadian interest in Texas. Flat land, guns and large portions; I’m confident I hit the high points as the unofficial international ambassador for the Lone Star State.

This entry will be Part 1 of a two-part series, with the next entry showcasing this couple’s beautiful wedding day at La Casa Resort.