Jay Peak, Vermont Wedding

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August in Vermont > August in Texas. Escaping the 3 weekends in a row of couples deciding to wed outside in the July/August Texas heat was beyond welcome. Low 50s in the evening, mid 70s during the day; you can’t beat that. About a 1.5 hour drive from Burlington International Airport (I wondered if there was any connection with the coat factory?) Jay Peak rests in the mountains of Jay, Vermont. Canada being just a couple of miles north (literally), the melting pot of Vermont residents trying to cram in one last summer vacation and French-Canadian travelers looking for an American escape flooded this resort and provided an experience that contrasts the Mexican resorts we grow accustomed to down in Texas.

From an indoor water park, beautiful 18-hole golf course and 4,000 foot elevations the Jay Peak Resort provided a breath of fresh air in more ways that one.