Hurst Conference Center Wedding

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It’s a blog post double-header day today!

I do this thing, where I have an admin day and blog 2-3 times, and then ignore my blog for about 2 months. Case in point: if you need to call me, now’s a good day to do it.

This was my first visit to the Hurst Conference Center, and it did not disappoint. With beautiful lighting from Discovery Decor Lighting, this wedding really came alive. If there was one thing I would like to point out as a theme on the weddings that I blog, they almost ALL have professional uplighting. The difference is staggering, not only in the images but in the ambiance and feel the reception. Aside from blowing your entire budget on photography (*joke*), my second bit of advice would be to seriously consider exploring having lighting at your reception if you have not yet.

On to the photos!