Flower Mound Engagement Session

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I have had to good fortune to have lived in North Texas for the past 4 years. Tons of my time has been spent from Plano to Fort Worth and Dallas to Denton, but Flower Mound has just been one of those places I have never really had a reason to visit. With over 225 weddings shot, absolutely NONE of them have been in the Flower Mound area. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when my couple from this week decided to have their engagement session there. As always, I approach new locations with an optimistic curiosity and flip my creative switch to “on.” Since it’s a new location I can’t just run through my typical poses in my typical spots; I have to take a step back and think. Regardless, I was extremely excited about all of the different elements we had the opportunity to work with, and of course having a killer awesome looking couple doesn’t hurt