Featured: Amanda & Gerard I 3.24.12

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“Featured” is a loosely used term here. I try to post weddings when I get the chance, so I guess you could say that most of the ones I shoot are “featured” on my blog in some way, shape or form. After I finished up this wedding at Avanti Fountain Place this past Saturday I knew that I wanted it to stick somewhere, somehow. I came up with the idea of adding a “Featured” button in the navigation menu (up there in the top right) so that way when couples come to my blog they can see my favorite weddings. It could be lame, or it could be genius. Only time will tell.

This wedding itself was absolutely gorgeous. March and October weddings typically end up being the most pleasant here in North Texas weather-wise, and this was no exception. Aside from having a cloudless day outside, I was fortunate enough to have a pretty darn sexy couple that was awesome to work with. One of the most influential factors for me feeling as though I have a portfolio wedding honestly revolves around what time we start in relation to the ceremony. Here I started a full 3 hours before the vows, which allowed me to get hundreds of great shots going into the ceremony.

Starting the coverage this far before the ceremony allows for things to run behind (because they always do) without there being a mad rush or missed shots. It also alleviates the pressure on shots that HAVE to be taken following the ceremony, which is when everyone just wants to get to the reception anyway. I’m getting totally off topic since this random commentary is better served for “The Brutally Honest  & Totally Awesome ‘Everything You Need To Know About Getting Great Photos’ Guide to Wedding Photography” guide that I just never seem to get around to finishing…

Oh well, enjoy the first officially featured wedding 🙂



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  1. Evan-

    Where do we begin? This comment is long overdue as we keep coming back to the site to look at the amazing photos from our wedding. We could not be happier! Not to mention you made us feel like royalty. You managed to capture both the feeling of the night and the best of our personalities. Your flexibility, patience, and keen eye for finding the right shot…at the right time continually impressed. We can’t thank you enough or give you enough accolades. Needless to say, we give you the highest recommendation and personal best wishes.

    Sincerest thanks,
    Jerry and Amanda

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