Dallas Fine Arts District Day After Session

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It’s not often you get to spend a full hour with a bride and groom on the wedding day with ideal lighting at an ideal location. Most of the time, when I talk with a bride and groom initially about ┬ábeing their wedding photographer they have a set ceremony start time (give or take) and it’s my job to work around that as best as possible. 7pm ceremony in February? Well, it will be dark after the ceremony for photos. 4pm outdoor ceremony in August? Scorching with harsh sunlight.

Day-of photos with couples are always so rushed as well. The bride’s hair and makeup rarely finishes on time, then it takes the bride much longer than she expected to actually get in her dress and get ready for the ceremony. There might be a much-needed groomsman that feels the need to go to the store to get a beer, because without doing that he can’t fully enjoy his best friend’s wedding. Needless to say, wedding days are crazy. This is exactly why I love day-after sessions with couples. It’s simple; just a 1 hour session with the bride and groom only, dressed up as they were their wedding day.

I get to suggest locations. I get to tell them the best time to start based on lighting. I get to shuffle them from best spot to best spot.

There’s no crazy. No worrying. No rushing. No venue coordinator telling me that I have 5 minutes left before the bride and groom need to be introduced, even though hair and makeup ran 30 minutes late. No any place else you have to be.

It’s great, actually.