Breaking Up The Monotony Of Wedding Season

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I love my job. Really. While it’s not really all “oh, you take photos for a living”, it affords me the flexibility of being able to sleep in during the week, work from home and just generally enjoy life more than working in a cubicle. Even though I’m a freshly minted 22, I know how working in a cubicle is. I did it post-college for… 2 weeks. It’s hard to transition into that after running my own high-volume business for almost 3 years before making that decision.

That being said, this time of the year can get pretty difficult with consultations, editing, scheduling shoots and oh, photographing weddings. Every once and a while I will get something new to do that breaks up the monotonous nature of a 75+ wedding season. This time one of my associate’s wedding clients wanted to switch out their engagement session for a family session, and I was totally down for that. Since I shoot all the pre-wedding sessions myself, I had the honor of shooting this totally fun session in the Downtown Dallas Arts District. Working with smaller kids isn’t something I have much, well.. ANY experience with, but I think I spent more time laughing at the ridiculous things they were doing than taking photos.


Ahh…this is just what I needed.