Avanti Fountain Place Wedding

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You have probably noticed the “Featured” tab in the navigation at the top of the blog. If you’ve spent any time combing through that wedding a lot of the scenery here will seem familiar. Avanti Fountain Place is one of my favorite venues to shoot for numerous reasons. First- most couples get ready at The Fairmont Hotel, which resides right next to Avanti. It’s a nice hotel, so check if out if you haven’t. Secondly- the ceremonies here are all outside and are super easy to shoot well. There are hundreds of venues and churches in DFW, and ceremonies can be the most difficult thing of a wedding day to shoot well if it’s not very “photographer friendly.”

I can wishfully think that all of my clients keep this in mind when selecting their venues, but unfortunately that’s not the case. That’s why weddings at certain venues will show up on the blog WAY more than other weddings! Lastly, and more importantly, all around Avanti is gorgeous. There is no lack of places to shoot and that makes me one happy photographer. Check out why I love this place so very, very much.