Meet the Crew!


We’re a crazy-fun team.

Each one of Evan’s associates brings their own unique flair and vision to documenting and capturing their weddings. Click on the “Portfolio” tabs next to each name to view their most recent wedding samples and read a little about each one of us!



Evan (Since 2009)

He’s seen it all. With over 330 weddings under his belt, nothing phases him on a wedding day. Evan will photograph your wedding stone-faced and with reckless abandon. When not shooting he enjoys running, jamming to music and growing his businesses. He doesn’t have a portfolio since, well, everything on the blog, Facebook page and website is his.


 Charla (Since 2011) PORTFOLIO

Charla is one of the most tenured shooters in the group. Her contagiously outgoing personality puts any manically stressed bride at ease almost instantly. She’s got a confidence that would rock your socks off. When not shooting, she loves spending time with her family.


Shayla (Since 2012) PORTFOLIO

Not only is she a photographer, but she works tirelessly behind the scenes as one of our prized editing assistants. She’s always calm, cool and collected on the wedding day. When not shooting she is totally into fitness and nutrition. Shooting weddings is hard work- and comes easier when you stay in shape!



Hugo (Since 2010) PORTFOLIO

He’s a candid monster. Want someone who’s going to capture the moments at your wedding you have absolutely no idea are happening? Hugo is the dude for you. When not shooting, Hugo is an Apple Tech and loves walking his dog (or having his dog walk him), a gorgeous Pitbull Terrier. Oh, and he speaks Spanish pretty well.



Scott (Since 2013) PORTFOLIO
Scott it one of the most well-rounded in ensuring he captures great candid moments, details and couple portraits on the wedding day. He’s got a “big boy” job during the week, but loves spending his weekends pursuing his passion of wedding photography. Having attended workshops of some of the industry’s best, he’s armed with a knowledge and expertise that carries over seamlessly into the finished product.



Alex (Since 2013) PORTFOLIO

He’s the new kid on the block. Eager to get his feet wet, he’s the newest addition to the team. Young, energetic and full of ideas, his creativity is easily visible through his work and he’s currently shadowing Evan to hone his current skill set.




Kristen (Since 2012) PORTFOLIO

Specializing in romantic outdoor weddings, Kristen rocks natural light receptions and details. Looking for intimate couple couple portraits on the day of your wedding? Bam. You’ve found them. As a newly-married woman, she’s right there with understanding today’s bride.



Lynn (Since 2013) PORTFOLIO

Lynn has more experience than almost all of us put together. With 15 years she is pretty much the mother goose of the group. Her style is modern and fresh, for the contemporary bride and groom.